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Shiling Wu Artist 

After arriving in Australia from Taiwan in 2014, Shiling Wu received a Master of Art in painting and ceramics at UNSW Art & Design.

Previous to Taiwan, she spent most of her life in the United States pursuing anything creative and musical with tremendous support from her family. At age 14, she attended the prestigious arts boarding high school Interlochen Arts Academy in northwest lower Michigan majoring Viola and Visual Arts throughout her high school career. Torn between the two she decided to pursue music at Conservatory of Music at University of Missouri in Kansas City with scholarship and continued to seek her passion in visual arts on the side with persistence.

With two decades of experience as a classically trained musician, she successfully demonstrates a superior auditory understanding of sound, colour, tone, texture, and line, which has become invaluable avenues of expression in her clay sculptures.
Her visceral and tactile ceramics exemplify her as a master of high gloss, metallic glazes and raw clay finishes. The marriage between aesthetics and functionality creates oxymoronic uniting of futuristic and organic themes in a deceptively simple yet highly technical product.

Inspired by Gwyn Hassen Pigott’s cerebral approach to translucent porcelain forms, the oeuvre’s abstract compositions and rhythmic kinetics reflect painterly aspects in a deeply modernism setting. Gifting audiences with a sensory overload, this body of work can be translated through exploration of Shiling’s practice and satirical purpose.

Her musical upbringing comes in to play through her conscientious placement of ceramic vessels of various shapes and sizes. These combination forms create an artist expression of the inner workings of a musical instrument, exemplified through aesthetic glazes and reflective surfaces. Through these motifs she creates a technological discourse regarding the integral relationship of sound and motion, highlighting how the arts of music and sculpture are similar in creating something beautiful from a malleable object.




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