About Us

The Austin Tayshus story  

You’ve met Austin. He’s head papillon, product designer and boss bitch at Australian-based Austin Tayshus.

His human, Sydney, is chief dog walker and a crazy talented ceramic artist.
Of course, Austin is Sydney’s muse and the inspiration behind Austin Tayshus.
Like every good modern day pup parent, Sydney wanted to spoil Austin with more than the practical bits 'n' bobs, like leashes and doggy beds.

She was after the perfect complement to his lively and energetic personality. Something that he could wear with pride – but was functional, too.
So she set out to fashion a bespoke accessory – on Austin’s barked instruction, of course.

Obsessed with his new bling (cue plenty of tail wagging, perky ears and smiling like a fool) Austin begged Sydney to create a range for his furry friends. Like a good human, she obliged.

Austin Tayshus’ signature ceramic collar pendants are unlike any other dog accessories on the market. Sydney has crafted one-of-a-kind, handmade coloured pieces, to match your dog’s own unique personality.

A distinctive ‘look at me’ modern palette underpins all of the designs.
For all of its boldness, Austin Tayshus is primarily inspired by the everyday, and the nature that surrounds us – particularly enroute to the local dog park.

Most importantly, all pendants are Austin-approved.